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Privacy and Security

We believe that  Digital Media Jobs employees can only be successful if you trust us enough to be willing to reveal certain information about yourself. To that end, we have developed this privacy policy, which describes the privacy rights we will observe with all users of Digital Media Jobs .

First, you should know what information we collect about you in the course of your usage of the site and why we collect it:
Visit Data.
When you visit  Digital Media Jobs , we collect certain information automatically, including the IP address of the server you are accessing the Internet through, the type of browser you are using, and the site that referred you to Digital Media Jobs , and the pages you visit while on the site. This data allows us to assess the performance of the site and of various pages within the site.
Cookie Data.
When you first register, Digital Media Jobs  places a "cookie" on your computer, which allows us to know that it's you the next time you visit the site. We do this so we can recall any preferences you may have previously stored with us.
Registration Data.
When you register on the site, we store the information for when you later return to the site. Registration data collected includes your email address, your zip code, your resume information etc. This data is primarily used to customize your site experience so that you are exposed to articles that are most likely to interest you.
Resume Data.
When you post your resume on the site, the information you reveal, including the text of the resume, resume attachments or documents, resume cover letters and any resume related information is stored as part of your profile.
We are committed to using this data in a way that wholly protects your right to privacy. In particular:
  • We will not use the information you reveal to us to market any products or services to you, nor will we allow any third parties to market any products or services to you. This means you will not receive unsolicited email, phone calls, or mail as a result of your registration with Accounting Employees.
  • We will not reveal your email address to any third party without your explicit permission.
  • The only email communication you will receive from us will pertain to changes in the site, site policy, account issues, auto-notifications you have setup on your account, or content you have asked us to email to you.
  • We will remove your registration information from our database upon request.
  • If this privacy policy should materially change, we will notify you of the changes.

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