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 Revature - Artificial Intelligence Engineer - Boston,MA  

  Neurala -AI Product Designer -Boston, MA   

 Microsoft Corp. - Sr Applied AI Engineer - Berkeley, CA  

  Zencastr - Head of AI (Remote) -  San Francisco, CA  

 LaunchPad Tech Startup - AI-focused CTO -Los Angeles , CA 

 Tyvak Nano-Satellite Sys - AI&T Engineer for Small Sats - Irvine,CA   

 Game Dev Studio -AI Engineer - Novato, CA  

Zencastr - Head of AI (Remote) -San Francisco, CA   


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Carbonated Inc.- AI Software Engineer (games!) - Los Angeles,CA

StayWell - Watson Chatbot Developer - Los Angeles,CA

Wells Fargo - Sr AI Technical Product Manager - San Francisco, CA,

Humane™ - AI Lead - San Francisco, CA

The Nugget Group - Full Stack AI Architect - NY,NY

Wells Fargo - AI Conversational Designer - NY,NY

MARQ - AI Engineer - Boston,MA

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