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Carbonated Inc.- AI Software Engineer (games!) - Los Angeles,CA

StayWell - Watson Chatbot Developer - Los Angeles,CA

Wells Fargo - Sr AI Technical Product Manager -
San Francisco, CA,

Humane™ - AI Lead - San Francisco, CA

The Nugget Group - Full Stack AI Architect - NY,NY

Wells Fargo - AI Conversational Designer - NY,NY

MARQ - AI Engineer - Boston,MA

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8K Miles Software Service -Artificial intelligence developer - NY,NY

Nutech Information Systems -Artificial Intelligence Developer- contract - NY,NY

SolidEnergy Systems - AI Scientist - Woburn, MA

Cloud Automation Startup - AI Deep Learning Research Scientist -Austin, TX

TechNotch Solutions - A.I. Chat Bot Sales - Austin,TX

SmartAction - AI Chatbot Conversation Designer -
El Segundo, CA

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