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Mantis Security Corp - Data Scientist - Washington, DC

sgsconsulting - Data Scientist - Cambridge, MA

Lisle Group - Data Scientist - Sunrise, FL

CenturyLink - Sr Manager Data Science - Broomfield , CO

Will-N-Able - Sr. Data Scientist (remote) - Portland, OR

Range Digital Marketing - Data Scientist - Minneapolis, MN

Sage IT - Data Scientiest - Burbank, CA

Hufford Services Group - Data Scientist/Search Engineer -
San Francisco,CA 

 Denzel Group - Data Scientist - Edison, NJ

The Buffalo Group - Data Scientist - Washington DC

Guidehouse - Data Scientist - Experienced Associate -
Atlanta ,GA

Confident Staffing Inc - Lead Data Scientist - Plano ,TX

Cybercoders - Data Scientist (Image Processing)
Centennial, CO

Verisk - Data Scientist II - Bellevue, WA,

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Cybercoders - Chief Data Scientist- East Hanover, NJ

PRI Technology - Sr. Data Scientist - Atlanta, GA

Definition Tech Services - Data Scientist - Austin, TX

PlacingIT - Data Scientist - San Ramon, CA

Harnham - Sr Data Scientist - Predictive Modeler - Boston, MA

Strategic Staffing - Sr Data Scientist - Charlotte, NC

Howard Systems - Sr. Data Scientist - NY,NY

X4 Tech - Data Scientist - Philadelphia, PA

KeyBank - Senior Data Scientist - Chicago, IL

Benjamin Douglas - Data Scientist - Miami, FL 

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