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   Active Recovery - Marketing Director -Portland, OR 

  car2go - Communications Manage -Portland, OR  

 Pinckney Marketing - SEM Manager -Charlotte , NC   

CKM Staffing Inc- Communications Marketing Manager -Rock Hill, SC 

 CMI - VP of Global Marketing - Bay Shore, NY - 

 Achieve -VP of Marketing - Remote | Home-based - Wayne, NJ    

 Microsoft -Sr Marketing Communications Mgr -Chicago, IL   

 RELX - LexisNexis -Manager of Global Marketing Operations -Raleigh, NC 

 IN-COM -Marketing Specialist - Dallas ,TX   

 Blue Fire Leads - Marketing Specialist -Provo , UT   

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 AKIRA -User Acquisition Manager - eCommerce -Chicago,IL  

 Branded Entertainment Network - Influencer Marketing Manager -Provo, Utah  

 SugarCRM - Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Atlanta, GA -  

  Veritiv Corp - Regional Marketing Manager - Veritiv Corp -   

 VMRay -Product Marketing Manager -Boston , MA  



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