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Dumont Project - Sr Manager, Social Media -  Marina del Rey, CA

Elm Street Technology - Social Media Marketing Manager - Los Angeles area

Serenella-Boston - Social Media Marketing Manager - Boston,MA

Market Social Inc - Social Media Specialist - Chicago, IL

Malouf - Social Media Manager - Logan, UT

Surfer Magazine - Social Media Manager, Surfer - Carlsbad , CA

Red Cube Production - Social Media Manager - Burlingame, CA

Microsoft - Social media strategist - Redmond, WA

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Overtime - Social Media Editor - NY,NY 

Lilla P - Community & Social Media Coordinator -NY,NY  

Qbedding  - Social Media Strategist - Hicksville, NY 

Lipof & McGee Advertising - Social Media Specialist -

Plantation, FL

Branded Entertainment Network - Influencer Marketing Manager - Provo, Utah

Oura - Social Media Manager -San Francisco,CA

Envida - Social Media Strategist - Scottsdale, AZ

American Association of Nurse Practitioners - Social Media Specialist. - Austin, TX

Publicis Healthcare Com - Social Strategist - NY,NY

French | West | Vaughan - Paid Social Manager - Raleigh,NC

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