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 Aegis Worldwide - Robotic Programming Engineer -Brighton, MI  

Curie - Machine Learning Engineer -Seattle, WA  

Curie - Machine Learning Engineer -Seattle, WA  

BrightHire Search - Data Engineer -Boston, MA  

PERCAYAI LLC - Machine Learning Software Engineer - Boston, MA  

Aurora Solar -Head of Marketing - Product/Digital - San Jose, CA  

Workbridge Associates -Sr Product Manager / SaaS -San Francisco,CA  

Quest Talent Solutions - E Commerce Manager - Chapel Hill, NC  

Brian Hamilton -Sr Developer & Chief Architect - Raleigh-Durham,NC  

 Cloudsquare - Salesforce Product Owner -NY ,NY  

Incendia Partners - Data Scientist  -Washington, DC  

 PediaMetrix -Computer Vision Research Engineer -Wash DC  

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